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How to uninstall Video Display Drivers in Windows 10

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However, you may need to adjust the system settings once you reset the PRAM or NVRAM. It’s in the lower-right corner below the Settings window. This restores your Nvidia graphics drivers to their default settings. Alternatively, you can download the latest graphics drivers from your PC manufacturer or graphics card manufacturer’s website. In order to do this, you will need to know which version of Windows you are using, as well as the make and model of your PC, or the make and model of your graphics card. After you restart your computer, Windows will automatically reinstall your graphics drivers on its own.

  • Fortunately, you can manually get the graphics updated files from the vendor of your graphics card’s website.
  • Now, move to the Updates tab and select the ‘Check for updates’ option to look for available downloads or force a manual search.
  • After all, you want to work or game with your PC, not hunt for drivers every month.

You can also delete an entry, but I recommend that you back it up first, just in case. If you find you don’t need the backup, you can delete the file later. Once you downloaded the files and extracted them to a permanent location, open that folder with File Explorer. Locate either Autoruns.exe or Autoruns64.exe . Right-click on the release of Autoruns for your version of Windows 10 and select Run as administrator from the context menu. This program pays attention to an error that seems minor but can cause our problem.

What is new in Intel Graphics Driver

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Although it is known as Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, it works for other versions of Windows also. Media creation tool free download Media Creation Tool, Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, Windows 8.1 Installation Media Creation Tool, and many more programs. Select your language and press “Confirm” again. Grab your Windows 10 x64 or x86 ISO download. The version you want will depend on your processor.

Step 4: Reboot

For example, Intel Driver & Support Assistant can be used to update most of your Intel hardware drivers. Updating NVIDIA drivers is easy with GeForce Experience because it can automatically notify you of new drivers and provide you with the update. Paying users get extra benefits like unlimited downloads, hourly driver checks, download priority, and automated driver downloads.

Benefits of updating your GPU drivers

Yes, your graphics manufacturer should have software available. For NVIDIA, you can use GeForce Experience. Click on “Check for updates” in the left pane of the Control Panel. A list of available updates will display on-screen. Type “update” into the search box and select “Windows Update” from the available options.

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